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Volunteers are integral to our organization.

Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities that are typically available. If you find one of interest, complete the application form below.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Adminstrative Assistant

    - Collect and inventory donations
    - Send out Thank yous to sponsors and donors
    - Manage volunteers' hours
    - Create and maintain blogs and newsletters

  • Fundraisers

    - Work with board to schedule, coordinate, and organize fundraisers
    - Create calendar of events to promote to public
    - Manage volunteers for events

  • Public Relations

    - Speak to groups to raise awareness about mission
    - Schedule radio and TV appearances to promote Invisible Innocence
    - Make public appearances to promote Invisible Innocence at social events

  • Social Media Coordinator

    - Schedule, update, and manage all posts on social media and website
    - Schedule paid promotions through social media
    - Develop and maintain updates on website
    - Encourage donors to promote Invisible Innocence through their social media

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